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These are the significant pages of the Power Automation America, Inc. website.


Home Page

Power Automation CNC Controls

Convert G-code

Power Automation Accessories

Power Automation connections - CNC and accessories

Directions to Power Automation in Fond du Lac, WI

Distributors can sign up with Power Automation Inc

Documents and PLC templates to view/print/download

Encoders to replace size 11 resolvers

Full list of CNC G-codes and M-codes

Heritage of Power Automation Inc

Linear feedback systems

Power Automation capabilities slide show (13 slides)

Power Automation operator interface slide show (11 slides)

Power Automation overview slide show (23 slides)

Online articles mentioning MachineMate Inc (articles are accessed via links)

Partners - third-party software companies (other companies are accessed via links)

Training Agenda (4 ½ day training class held in our facility)

Training Schedule




     Power Automation America, Inc. distributes a periodic newsletter (INFOMATE) with product and information updates.


Issue 18 (Dec. 2006) (190KB) – IMTS 2006, Assembly Expo 2006, new operator front panel, vintage control compatibility

Issue 17 (Nov. 2005) (50KB) – Cincinnati Lamb retrofit kit for Arrow control using a MachineMate, optional HMI changes for the handwheel in the new panel with an integrated MPG, external port options for USB

Issue 16 (Dec. 2004; updated Oct. 2005) (40KB) – new front panel options: 1) 15" TFT touch with slim line MTBP and MPG integrated in one panel or 2) smaller panel with 6.4" TFT

Issue 15 (June 2004) (90KB) – new LW CNC model, hardware system manual, cylindrical grinding cycles, G93 inverse time programming, part program conversions

Issue 14 (Dec. 2003) (60KB) – new relay output module (16 relays with N.O. contact rated at 3A, 24VDC or 110VAC), Wisconsin Fall 2003 trade show, new address

Issue 13 (Aug. 2003) (70KB) – new power supplies (5V and 24V), 2003 trade shows, ITI grinder retrofit, reverse engineering features, non-servo axes, new manuals, Visual Basic example

Issue 12 (Feb. 2003) (70KB) – two new MTBP models, new 19” operator panel with 15” color display and touch screen, CAM from Cadem, rugged linear encoder feedback systems, features in new CNC release, new product brochure, 2003 class schedule

Issue 11 (Nov. 2002) (100KB) – IMTS recap, new size 11 encoders to replace same size resolvers, information about the SERCOS monitor utility

Issue 10 (Aug. 2002) (90KB) – three recent applications (laser cutting, lumber processing, serial communications for axis control), standard drilling and turning cycles, information about work cycles and compile cycles

Issue 9 (Jun. 2002) (80KB) – announcement of Rockwell Automation buying CNCs from MachineMate; Eastec trade show recap; new LN model; real-time data monitoring; complex interpolation features

Issue 8 (Apr. 2002) (80KB) – general motion control retrofit with MachineMate; South-tec and Westec trade show recaps

Issue 7 (Jan. 2002) (50KB) – announcement for Pratt & Whitney control retrofit package; foreign language support

Issue 6 (Dec. 2001) (60KB) – 2002 trade show schedule; new features in the latest CNC version

Issue 5 (Oct. 2001) (80KB) – EMO recap; announcements for Warner & Swasey and Kearney & Trecker control retrofit packages

Issue 4 (Aug. 2001) (80KB) – Teach panel product announcement; new fall trade show schedule

Issue 3 (Jun. 2001) (90KB) – Eastec trade show recap; several new product announcements; backup email address and web site

Issue 2 (Apr. 2001) (80KB) – TIMTOS and Westec trade show recaps

Issue 1 (Feb. 2001) (30KB) – introduction to Power Automation America, Inc. and our controls



Application Documents


Several stories have been written about successful applications using a Power Automation control.


Matsuura machine field rebuild story (.pdf, 180KB)

Warner & Swasey control retrofit story (.pdf, 90KB)

Kearney & Trecker MM180 control retrofit story (.pdf, 120KB)

Tschudin grinder control retrofit story (.pdf, 50KB)

Pratt & Whitney Teammate control retrofit story (.pdf, 90KB)

General motion control retrofit story (.pdf, 70KB)

American Hustler control retrofit story (.pdf, 60KB)

Warner & Swasey control retrofit kit flyer (prepared by a Power Automation integrator, .pdf, 50KB)



Product Brochures


Here you can review the brochures for many of our Power Automation America, Inc. products.


L2 and eCNC product guide (.pdf, 670KB) – 72-page specification describing the L2 and eCNC models

LW Control Specification (.pdf, 130KB) – 20-page specification describing the LW model

Hardware System Brochure (.pdf, 600KB) – 20-page specification describing the hardware details for the respective CNC models (eCNC, L2, LW) and the main accessories (MTBP, Auxiliary Panel, MPG) (this information was extracted from our Hardware Manual in June 2004)

Quad Brochure (.pdf, 360KB) – two-page parallel-fold pamphlet of Power Automation products.

Sales Brochure eCNC Flyer (.pdf, 180KB) – two-page overview of the Power Automation eCNC control.

Sales brochure L2 Flyer (.pdf, 280KB) – two-page overview of the Power Automation L2 control.

L2 and eCNC-SellSheet (.pdf, 90KB) – two-page overview of the Power Automation L2/eCNC control family

Products brochure (.pdf, 90KB) - six-page brochure of all Power Automation products

Handheld Station (MPG)  (.pdf, 80KB) - two-page brochure of the Power Automation accessory

Machine Tool Builder’s Panel (MTBP) (.pdf, 230KB) - two-page brochure of the Power Automation accessory



Data Sheets


"Technical" data sheets are available for many of our Power Automation products.


Data sheet for encoder direct size replacement for size 11 resolver (.pdf, 540 KB pdf) - a single printed page

Data sheet for size 11 encoder (.pdf, 520 KB pdf) - a single printed page

Data sheet for encoder direct size replacement for size 11 resolver (.pdf, 2720 KB) - a single printed page

Data sheet for size 11 encoder (.pdf, 2720 KB pdf) - a single printed page

Data sheet for the incremental encoder linear feedback system (.pdf, 70 KB pdf) - a single printed page

Data sheet for the linear feedback system with distance coded incremental encoder (.pdf, 60 KB pdf)

Data sheet for the 5VDC 25watt power supply (.pdf, 200 KB) - two pages

Data sheet for the 24VDC 150watt power supply (.pdf, 290 KB) - two pages



Features and Utilities


Several neat features and utilities enhance our Power Automation controls.


CNC digitizing feature (.pdf, 30 KB) - one page hand-out with simple description of the CNC digitizing feature

CNC teaching feature (.pdf, 30 KB) - two page handout with simple description of the CNC teaching feature

Installation checklist  (.pdf, 20KB) – this two-page checklist This brief document lists the tasks involved in the control installation and startup; it also references the corresponding section in the Power Automation manuals that describes the details for the particular task.

Utility information (.pdf, 20KB) – brief user manual for the part program conversion utility is available. This is to assist the transition during and after a control retrofit with the part programs written for an old control.





There are a number of other supporting pages and documents not included in this map. For example, the brief press releases referenced within the site are not shown here.




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