Third-Party Software Partners


A number of third-party companies have developed and/or adapted software packages to work with the MACHINEMATE CNC control.


There are several CAD/CAM software companies that have already developed a post processor configuration for the MACHINEMATE control. If the CAD/CAM software package that you are using is not in this list below and it has a user-configurable post, then we can help you configure that post for the MACHINEMATE. There are probably other CAM packages with posts because that development can be done without involving MACHINEMATE personnel. No post configuration is the property of MACHINEMATE INC.




The CAPSmill  and CAPSturn CAD/CAM software from Cadem Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has post support. These CAM packages are also available from MACHINEMATE INC since they provide a very good conversational CAM package. Overviews for the feature sets in CAPSmill and CAPSturn are available.

The ESPRIT CAD/CAM software from  DP Technology Corp has post support.


The PartMaker CAD/CAM software from IMCS, Inc. has post support.


The SurfCAM CAD/CAM software from Surfware, Inc. has post support.


Weber Systems has post support in its CAD/CAM software packages, from the high-end Synergy Silver to the low-end Conversational Synergy (that was developed for MACHINEMATE).



Kartik Cad Cam Consultants has post support in its MOST 2D software package. This CAD/CAM package, with its Material Optimization Software Technology or MOST, supports nesting of part shapes (either from a drawing file or from a predefined shape library) and is designed for sheet metal cutting and heavy fabrication. This is 2D CAD/CAM for flat parts defined in just X and Y axes. The CAD/CAM package comes in several versions: Lite (the simplest version), Standard (most features) and Professional (full capabilities, including automatic chaining of the part shapes in the optimized 'nest').

These CAM packages are also available from MACHINEMATE INC since they provide a very good conversational CAM package for the cutting technologies. An overview for the feature sets in each version is available in pdf.




Xpert CNC Technologies, LLC was formerly associated with e-Manufacturing’s Spectrum CNC Technologies Division. They adapted their Multi-DNC Software to work with the MACHINEMATE control. This software allows control data to be monitored and to be stored in an SQL database. Proprietary CNC's require a separate simple PLC to monitor I/O but the MACHINEMATE with its integrated soft PLC requires no additional hardware for the I/O monitoring.




With the standard DDE interface provided by the MACHINEMATE soft PLC, any customer can easily adapt an existing software package with a DDE client to communicate with the MACHINEMATE control. For example, most HMI development packages support DDE, Microsoft Visual Basic 6 provides a DDE client in a text box and even Microsoft Excel offers a DDE client. Any DDE client can communicate with the MACHINEMATE control. An example of a Microsoft VB application with DDE links via the VB text box is available from MACHINEMATE INC.


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