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After an extensive evaluation of CNC products, Giddings & Lewis (a machine tool builder in Fond du Lac, WI) found that the Power Automation PC-based CNC product had the best performance, value and potential so G&L entered into a business relationship with Power Automation. Power Automation is the German company that developed the original version of the control. G&L had trademarked the name, MACHINEMATE, and sold the control under that product name. In the summer of 2000, the division within G&L involved in the CNC business decided to stop the development of the G&L CNC products. When G&L made the decision to exit the CNC control product business, Power Automation formed the US company MACHINEMATE INC. and then absorbed the G&L open architecture PC-based CNC business. The entire staff consisted of former Giddings & Lewis employees. As a Division of a world wide operating, publicly traded Holding company (Power Automation AG) the name was changed in January 2008  to Power Automation America, Inc. In October 2009 the company moved to Houston Texas to have a more centralized access to the North and South American Market.


To learn more about the history of Power Automation and its PC-based CNC products, please browse the Power Automation web site.


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