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     Operator Station Front Panel

     List Price: US$ 3,200.00   

     Part #  800605

The 800605 operator station front panel includes the 15” color TFT display with touch screen, the machine tool builder’s panel with a set of operator switches and buttons including: Emergency Stop, Machine Start, Cycle Start, Feed Hold and 12 general purpose buttons with LED's. The panel is less than 4” deep. A simple brochure with its mechanical details is available.

The list price for this front panel is US$ 3,200.00 and includes a 2m serial cable for the touch screen and a power supply with power cord. The connection to the control is via a 50-pin connector and cables are available in different lengths with either a DB50 connector on both ends or with flying leads on one end (connector on only one end).

The 800605 All-In-One Panel uses a resistive touch technology.

Available Options are:

  • Handwheel (Manual Pulse Generator) 5V TTL

  • Handwheel (Manual Pulse Generator) 24V

  • USB port (with 2m or 5m cable)

  • Horizontal Version 800606



      Machine Tool Builder's Panel

     List Price:  US$ 660.00  

     Part #  800609


The Machine Tool Builder's Panel (MTBP) can make the operator’s panel design and implementation easier. This MTBP is built to the 19” rack-mount standard, so its width is identical to that of the Power Automation America control with a 19” rack-mount front panel. This consistency allows an easy, simple,  organized implementation of an operator station. This panel includes the following operator switches and buttons:

  • Emergency Stop Pushbutton (push in to lock, twist out to release)

  • Feed and Speed Override Switches

  • Cycle Start and Cycle Stop (Feedhold) Pushbuttons

  • Machine Start Pushbutton

  • Jog + and Jog – Pushbuttons (can be used as general Purpose Pushbutton)

  • 6 General Purpose Pushbuttons with LED's

All of the pushbuttons except the Emergency Stop PB are illuminated. Any of the eight general purpose buttons can be custom engraved by PowerAutomation America for a nominal charge or clear buttons are available for the customer to provide custom button labels. Requires a 50-pin cable with a DB50 connector for the connection to the control.


A two-page description is available for the MTBP.


PowerAutomation America has prepared a PLC application template that includes the processing of all the MTBP inputs and outputs. It is available for download from our web site.


A breakout card can be obtained from PowerAutomation America to convert the 50-pin connector to terminal strip connections (this card is shown below with the connectors and adapters). Several vendors offer this Board as well.




     Slim Line Machine Tool Builder's Panel

     List Price:  US$ 720.00

    Part #  800607



This model has a width of 11.4” and a slightly different layout than the 800609 (see above). This panel has a set of 12 General Purpose Pushbuttons. Requires a 50-pin cable with a DB50 connector.



     Auxiliary Panel

     List Price:  US$ 575.00      

     Part #  800611 ( 24VDC input )

     Part #  800612 ( 5VDC encoder input )

This Auxiliary Panel is the same size as the 19” MTBP 800609 and includes 16 General Purpose Pushbuttons (each with an LED and they can be custom engraved for a nominal charge) and a hand-wheel (also called a manual pulse generator or MPG). The Handwheel is available in either a 5V TTL or 24VDC input model. Requires a 50-pin cable with a DB50 connector.


NOTE: Any of the general purpose push buttons on the panels  can be custom engraved for a nominal charge ; the limit is 7 characters on each line and a maximum of 2 lines.


     Handheld Operator Station
     List Price:  US$ 695.00

     Part #  800550 ( 24V input model )

     Part #  800553 ( 5V encoder model )


The handheld operator station provides a simple solution to the requirement for remote operator activities. This rugged pendant includes the 100 increments/rev manual pulse generator (MPG or Handwheel), a 6-position axis selector switch, a 3-position feed multiplier switch, 2 white pushbuttons (that illuminate) and the Emergency Stop Pushbutton (push in to lock, twist out to release). The white pushbuttons are not labeled so they can be used for axis jogging or another machine function.


This cost effective handheld operator station is available in 2 models. The IO model uses a MPG that has 25 PPR and requires 2 (24V) Digital Inputs to create the pulse counter. The MPG in the Encoder model is a 100 PPR differential encoder that requires 5 Volts for its power.


The dust and waterproof pendant (weighing 650g or less than 1.5 pounds) comes with its flexible cord (4m) that is terminated with a 26-pin round connector. The bulkhead mating connector is also provided.  The body of the pendant is about 8.5" long and about 3" wide at its top (where the manual pulse generator is located with its 3" dial) and about 2.25" wide at its base (where the buttons are and the cable connects); the body is about 1.625" deep (the dial is about 0.75" deep, plus its small round handle 0.75" long and 0.275" in diameter). A longer, thicker cable is also available (5m); the list price for this combination is US$ 818.00 (022355 has the 24V input MPG; 022170 has the 5V encoder MPG).  A two-page description (in .pdf) is available.


Power Automation America has prepared a PLC application template that includes the processing of all the MPG inputs and outputs. It is also available for download from our web site.


The manual pulse generator is also available separately with a list price of US$100.00  800555 is the 5V encoder model and 800551 is the 24V input model. The stand alone unit's interconnect is a 6-pin terminal strip on the back of the unit. There are three mounting screws behind the front flange. The body of the encoder is a cylinder about 2.25" in diameter, about 1" long behind the flange. The dial is about 3" in diameter (the same as on the handheld pendant above), just like the mounting flange.


Encoder Feedback Systems

     Rotary Encoders
     List Price:  US$ 199.00 - US$ 290.00 (based on mounting requirements)   

Power Automation America offers two ROTARY ENCODER models in NEMA 11 size, as potential candidates for replacing a resolver of the same size. One of these is a direct size replacement for a size 11 resolver, often found on older CNC machines. Rotary encoder information, including data sheets (in pdf), is available including the dimensions and signal details for each model.




     Linear Encoders
     List Price:  Prices varies by length     


PowerAutomation America also offers a line of LINEAR ENCODERS with an IP67 environmental rating (completely sealed) that will continue to provide accurate and reliable readings even when submerged in water, oil or coolant. The length of the small system (both the head and its tube) ranges up to 1 meter while the larger system ranges up to 11.7 meters). Linear encoder information, including data sheets (in pdf), is available.




     Connectors and Adapters

     List Price:  US$ 150.00

     Part #  800774


Several connectors and adapters are available from Power Automation America. A DIN-rail mounted interface card is available to connect a 50-pin D-shell connector via terminal strips. 50-pin cables are used for several connections in a Power Automation America system. 800774 is commonly used when the cable provided with one of the front panel accessories (either MTBP or the Auxiliary Panel) must be connected to an IO Module.


When flying lead cables (female connector on one end but just wires on the other end) are desired for the 50-pin cable applications different cable lengths are available. They range from 1m to 20m with the following pricing:


Part Number Description Price in US$


CABLE MTBP DB50 F /FL 1m 37.00
800577 CABLE MTBP DB50 F /FL 2m 42.00
800578 CABLE MTBP DB50 F /FL 5m 58.00
800579 CABLE MTBP DB50 F /FL 6m 70.00
800580 CABLE MTBP DB50 F /FL 10m 88.00
800581 CABLE MTBP DB50 F /FL 20m 156.00
800586 CABLE MTBP DB50 F / DB50 F 2m 47.00
800587 CABLE MTBP DB50 F / DB50 F 5m 79.00
800587 CABLE MTBP DB50 F / DB50 F 6m 86.00
800589 CABLE MTBP DB50 F / DB50 F 10m 116.00
800590 CABLE MTBP DB50 F / DB50 F 20m 198.00


The encoder connections on our CNC Controls use a 15-pin D-shell connector. A cable is available for these encoder connections with a 15-pin connector on one end and flying leads on the other end. This is a 3-foot cable with a list price of US$ 25.00 and Part Number 800608




Cables, switches and other miscellaneous items.


Various cables (some have connectors on both ends while others have a single connector with flying leads) are available (these are also mentioned above at Connectors and Adapters). Push buttons (cycle start/stop, jog plus/minus) or rotary override gray-code switches (for feed rate or spindle speed) are available when a complete operator switch panel is not required (such as the MTBP models above). Hand-wheels (either 5V encoder or 24V input; these are also mentioned above at Handheld Operator Station) and other miscellaneous items are also available to assist an integrator.



CNC Hardware Specification


PowerAutomation America offers a CNC hardware system specification that includes the dimensions for the CNC models and the major accessories. The CNC system hardware specification can be viewed or downloaded here (in pdf, about 700KB, 21 pages).

A six-page products brochure (in pdf) is available for an overview of the Power Automation America products.

More information is available online about our CNC Controls  and their Connections.


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