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Standard NC Programming Codes

 NC Programming as per ISO (DIN 66025) and RS274


G00                       Rapid traverse

G01                       Linear interpolation

G02/G03               Circular interpolation

G04                       Dwell

G07                       Tangential circle interpolation

G08/G09               Path control mode (ramp at block transitions) and "Adaptive Look ahead" function

G10/G11               Block pre-processing control

G12/G13               Circular interpolation with radius input

G17-G20               Plane selection

G33                       Thread cutting/rigid tapping

G36/G37               Programmable feedrate limitation

G38/G39               Mirror image

G40-G44               Tool radius compensation

G50                       Scaling

G51/G52               Part rotation

G53-G59               Zero offsets

G63/G66               Programmable feed rate/spindle speed override

G70/G71               Inch/metric dimensioning

G72/G73               Interpolation with in position stop

G74                       Home position

G80-G89               Canned cycles

G90/G91               Absolute/incremental programming

G92                       Position register preset

G94/G95               Feedrate

G160-G164           ART learning function

G186                     Programmable tolerance band


M00                       Program stop

M01                       Optional stop

M02/M30               End of program

M03/M04/M05       Spindle control (cw/ccw/stop)

M06                       Tool change (M-code depends on PLC)

M19                       Spindle orientation

M40-M46               Spindle gear transmission steps


All of the machine-specific functions have the M-code value configured in the PLC application.  Some of the M-codes, like M06 for a tool change and M07-M09 for coolant control, have typical assignments in many controls.  However this control does not require specific assignments.  Therefore, a machine function like the tool change does not have to be M06. The spindle control M-codes (3-5, 19, 40-46) also have configurable assignments.


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