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MACHINEMATE INC and its controls have been mentioned in the press many times over the years.



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Press Releases





From Machining Magazine:

PC-based CNC: How simpler retrofits with PC-based controllers save money and extend productivity (.pdf, 430KB)





Advanced Manufacturing:

Exploring AMT: Open Architecture CNC


Automation Techies:

New Era In CNC Control and Maintenance


Control Engineering:

Application Update: Open CNC powers machining center rebuild

PC's Boost CNC Capability


Fabricating and Metalworking (F&M):

Not Just Plug and Play

Old machining center made like new


Industrial Equipment News (IEN):

Cutting Edge Paper: Moving at the Speed of E

Moving at the Speed of E: Q & A with MachineMate Inc


Industrial Product News:

Maintenance Technologies Introduces Retrofit Package for Cincinnati Arrow VMCs


Logging and Sawmilling Journal:

Added Value Manufacturing - Solid Move (the CNC in this machine is a MACHINEMATE with 11 SERCOS axes)


Manufacturing Engineering:

Machine Controls Opening Up



PC-based controls aim squarely at shop floor

Shop computers: Check out the latest development in PC-based control technology


Modern Machine Shop (MMS):

CNC Retrofit Extends Useful Life Of VMCs - Maintenance Technologies

Control Software - MachineMate Inc

PC-based CNC Package - Machinemate

Open PC-Based MM eCNC - MachineMate Inc

Lower Cost Control - MachineMate Inc


Tooling & Production (T&P):

Machines Retrofitting, proprietary vs open architecture

CNC controls for 5-axis, high-speed machines



IEN featured the MachineMate CNC in their IEN EXCLUSIVES section of the August 2001 issue (page 14). The text (but no picture) is also available from their web site at, then click on the Archive Search, select Inquiry Express, select Power Search, select Search Past Year and after the screen refresh select search by Company for MachineMate (it should be in the list). This text should be accessible even if you are not a subscriber to IEN.


Lost links:

Over time magazines change their archive folders, causing the failure of links to those files. The following links are temporarily lost until the new links are obtained.


American Machinist:

Actuator/bearing technology is changing how grinding machines move


Control Engineering:

MachineMate absorbs Giddings & Lewis PC-based CNC business


Industrial Maintenance & Plant Operations (IMPO):

New Era of CNC Maintenance is PC-Based


Tool & Mold Making Product News:

CNC Control Offers High Speed and High Accuracy




Press Releases

Several press releases involving MACHINEMATE INC are also available:


The following was issued for the agreement with Wescan Systems Limited.

Agreement to provide superior CNC controls for plasma and flame cutting industries - Nov 2006 (.pdf, 23KB)


The following were issued for the sales agreement with Rockwell Automation. The first is a news item in an online newspaper (from Milwaukee, the headquarters for Rockwell Automation); the others are press releases.

Fond du Lac firm to supply Rockwell - May 2002

MachineMate, Rockwell Automation, Power Automation Press Release - May 2002 (.pdf, 10KB)

Rockwell Automation, Power Automation Press Release - May 2002


The following were issued for Eastec 2001 (each includes one or more pictures):

e-Manufacturing Press Release - May 2001

MST Press Release - May 2001

Weber Press Release - May 2001


The following were issued for the formation of MachineMate Inc:

Machine Mate Press Release - Sept 2000

Power Automation Press Release - Aug 2000

Giddings & Lewis Press Release - Aug 2000



Note: In some of these articles, the address for MACHINEMATE INC is not correct. We moved in late January, 2004 and some of the articles were written before the move. Our correct address is:



100 West Larsen Drive
Fond du Lac, WI 54937-8520

Phone: 920-907-0001

Fax: 920-907-0181




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