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Standard Training Agenda

(Standard training is covered by a 4 1/2 day course)

Day 1:           

            Power Automation Overview

            Power Automation Control Overview – Operator Interface

            Power Automation and Windows directory structure overview

            Power Automation Hardware Overview

  • Overview of Analog drive interface

  • Overview of Serial Digital drive Interface (SDI)

  • EL, LW and eCNC IPCs

  • Front panel variations

  • Various connectors

  • Modular I/O and electrical connections

  • Wiring of Power On and ESTOP circuit

  • MTBP and Handheld pendant accessories

Day 2 (or afternoon of 1st day):

  • Machine Setup with Power Automation

  • IO Configuration

  • MM Modular IO

  • Field Bus

  • Drive Configuration - analog or SDI

  • MP Tool Software for Machine Parameter management

  • Machine Parameters

  • Setting up the Analog axes, spindle, handwheel

  • SDI overview presentation

  • Machine Parameters

  • Setting up the SDI Interface

Day 3:

Power Automation Software

  • Power Automation software overview

  • Introduction to PLC1131 Editor (overview of the development tool)

  • Modularity – of POU’s and Global IO

  • Structured Text and Ladder Diagram languages

  • IEC Operators/Standard Library/Operands

  • Documenting and printing the PLC program

  • Import/Export feature (entire project, individual POU’s)

  • Data monitoring and forcing

  • Write and test a simple program – first PLC lab

  • Signal Interface for CNC Inputs and CNC Outputs

  • Start up example (Appendix B of Start Up Manual)

  • Write a test program with M-code(s) – second PLC lab

Day 4:

Power Automation Software (continued)

  • Continue with PLC1131 programming

  • Function Interface (and libraries)

  • Interface between the PLC and a Part Program

  • Interface between the PLC and external software via DDE

  • Floppy disk with example PLC programs


            Introduction to Part Programming

  • G/M code overview

  • Loading part programs

  • Creating part programs

  • Canned Cycles and Cycle Parameters


Day 5 (morning):

Power Automation Part Programming & Wrap Up

  • Continue with Part programming

  • Part Program conversion utility

HMI Tool – optional screen development software package

Other topics (depend on class)

Wrap Up



Typical labs during the week:

            MP Tool - Axis configuration and setup – linear axis and/or rotary axis

            MP Tool – Axis homing and/or Spindle configuration and setup

            MP Tool – SDI axis configuration and setup

            PLC programming task – simple handling of machine inputs and outputs

            PLC programming task – handling of M-code for machine process

            PLC programming task – handling of multiple switches for axis jogging

            NC Part Programming task

            Other labs are based on needs of class participants


The class schedule and pricing can be viewed at: Training Schedule.


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